Our story

Who are we?

We're Save Water Save Money, a global organisation based in the UK – and the world's largest source of data for water customers' behaviour.

As our name suggests, we're all about saving water, and have launched many water-efficiency partnerships, initiatives and products since our launch in 2007. Having worked with 90% of Britain's water companies, we've now expanded our operations to include the rest of Europe, the US and Australia.

We know the water industry

Our water industry knowledge and insights are unrivalled, and we fully understand the regulations, restrictions and limitations of this complex arena. We've been building our in-depth expertise since 2007, and our aqKWa Savings EngineTM is just the latest in a long line of innovations specifically targeted at saving water.

Join the global wave

We work with water providers, business and householders to help them conserve water, and reduce costs. And since 2007 we've distributed more than 3.5 million products to over 1,250,000 million customers, saving Britain 51 billion litres of water and counting.

The secure home of big data

Managing data is core to our customer service, and since 2013 we've been ISO 27001 accredited for data security and information management. Our ten years' experience of working in highly regulated environments give us an unrivalled insight into the unique data requirements of water companies.

So who's behind Save Water Save Money?

Our origins are particularly humble: it all began after our CEO Tim Robertson did a stint volunteering as a coast-based Ranger in Olympic National Park, Washington. Having to carry water half a kilometre every day to his tent for cooking and washing, he quickly learned its importance and value.

On his return to the UK, Tim noticed there was a disconnect between our use of water and the limited nature of its supply. Soon after, Tim set up Save Water Save Money Ltd from his spare bedroom – and we've been helping the world save water ever since.

To find out more, please visit our corporate site savewatersavemoney.com